A1 24hr Water Damage Restoration & Repair Carlsbad

Our quick response team at A1 Water Damage Restoration Carlsbad  is always ready to respond to any event of flooding and water damage emergency. Our expert technicians have made it a habit to try to be on-site within the hour of your call.

Using the newest tech to extract unwanted out your property, our technicians are trained to effectively reduce moisture and quicken the drying process. Using exclusively EPA-approved sanitizers to decontaminate your property, we prevent the unnecessary spreading  of fungi, mold, viruses that typically results from events of floodwater intrusion.

In any incident of water damage, urgency and proper timing are the absolute essentials. Our methodical approach to water damage restoration, coupled with our high-tech hardware, is always designed to allow our technicians to extract unwanted water out of your property as fast as humanly possible. (Photo Credits)
In any incident of water damage, urgency and proper timing are the absolute essentials. (Photo Credits)

Highly Trained Water Damage Cleaning and Restoration Specialists in Carlsbad

We at A1 Water Damage always strive to go beyond customer expectations.  With proper training, patience, and understanding, our technicians respond properly to Carlsbad water damage emergency with—


In any incident of water damage, urgency and proper timing are the absolute essentials. Our methodical approach to water damage restoration, coupled with our high-tech hardware, is always designed to allow our technicians to extract unwanted water out of your property as fast as humanly possible.

Accurate Assessment

Using the necessary moisture detectors and hygrometers to make accurate readings, part of our standard operating procedure is to provide straightforward explanation to clients as to what is happening, what will happen, and what they can do to speed up the extraction and restoration process.


Our team restores your property as if it were our own. Our technicians are approaches the restoration process with minimal disruption so you can get back to your normal activities as soon as possible. Rest assure that our technicians are trained to handle your property with the utmost care.

Professional Water Damage Restorers

To ensure you top-notch quality of service, we at A1 Water Damage Restoration Carlsbad, have all the appropriate government and state permit and licenses required to carry on with our services. We only hire licensed, trained, and heavily experienced water damage restoration technicians that are abreast with the latest techniques in water damage restoration.

We continuously send them to trainings and seminars to make sure that they are knowledgeable with the industry’s best practices when it comes to water damage restoration, and other similar services. Moreover, we also conduct an extensive background search on our technicians to give you the peace of mind that they are trustworthy individuals whom you can welcome into your home.

Fully Equipped with the Most Modern Technology in Water Damage Restoration

At A1 Water Damage Restoration Carlsbad, we know that a stellar team will not be able to carry out its tasks satisfactorily without the most modern equipment at hand. And this is why we complement all their skills and experience with the most up-to-date water damage restoration tools and equipment to carry on with their job. Our moisture detectors, hygrometers, industrial vacuums and the like are all heavy-duty and considered newest in its class.

Here are some of the state-of-the-art water damage restoration equipment that we use:

  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Water extraction hardware
  • Water claws
  • Turbo wall vents
  • Air movers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Air scrubbers
  • Moisture detection equipment

Our technicians also come to your location fully equipped with supplies and materials that will be needed for their water damage restoration service so that they can proceed with the work as soon as possible. So after their quick inspection, and brief coordination with you, they can already start doing their job upon your agreement to the proposed plan of action.

Sense of Urgency

Water and flood damage is very time sensitive and each minute that goes by, is equivalent to more damage hence wasted money and resources. At A1 Water Damage Restoration Carlsbad, we work and respond to your call with the sense of urgency because we do not want you to incur more losses.

We have a stand-by 24 hours a day seven days a week hotline that you can call on anytime of the day even weekends or holidays. We aim to arrive at your location within the next 60 minutes to immediately conduct a visual inspection of the damaged area, brief you about our observations and plan of action, and get you to agree on the plan so that we can immediately implement our water damage restoration service.

We will move as fast and as efficient as we can, to lessen he damage that is already taking place. And to further unburden you, we ca even directly coordinate with your insurance company so that you will have one less detail to think of. We want you to focus on what truly matters at a stressful point in your life – your family.

Water Damage Restoration Services Offered

Apart from water and flood removal services, we also offer a host of restoration related services to help you immediately get back to your feet. These include:

  • Flood and water damage restoration
  • Water extraction
  • Toilet clean up
  • Carpet and structural drying
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Dehumidification
  • Decontamination/bacterial control
  • Water damage extraction
  • Residual moisture drying
  • Sewage clean up
  • Sewage sanitation
  • Sewage repair
  • Emergency Services
  • And comprehensive residential and commercial damage solutions

Carlsbad A1 Water Damage Restoration is home to water damage restoration experts in Carlsbad, CA and neighboring areas. In any event of Carlsbad water damage, please do not hesitate to reach out to your water damage restoration experts at A1 Water Damage Restoration Carlsbad. Help us help you mitigate further damage to your property. Contact us today.


The Dangers of Basement Flooding

Flooded Basement


The hassles of a flooded basement. (Photo Credits)

Basement flooding can be very perilous especially when electricity is concerned.

An NBC Washington report for instance showed that a mother and daughter have been killed due to electrocution that may have emanated from their flooded basement.

The basement of the home was saturated by water, and there was standing water in the stairwell leading to the basement, said Pete Piringer, a spokesman for Montgomery County Fire and Rescue. Police found a portable sump pump in the water near the victims, Montgomery County Police said in a statement. Police are investigating to see if the sump pump electrified the water.”

Read the rest of the story here.

Drainage problem

WXYZ.com meantime illustrated just how frustrating basement flooding can be as residents of a township complained of flooding in their basements and crawl spaces that can be traced to their community drainage problem. Find water removal in Carlsbad Ca   

“Wayne County tells us they are using a contractor to pump out water from several areas in the township, and will continue to do so as they work on a permanent solution. Residents say they’re worried about health issues and a bad smell in some of their homes.”

Check out the rest of the article here.

Prevention is the key

Almanac.com meantime gave tips on how to prevent basement flooding.

“Installing gutters can help reduce the amount of water coming into the basement. And pointing (cementing the cracks of) an old stone foundation may help to limit the water that gets in.”

Read the rest of the tips here.

Have you ever experienced basement flooding?


When Water Damage Causes Mold Growth

Tell-tale signs of mold infestation following water damage


Water Damage can cause mold growth. (Photo Credits)

In as little as 48 hours, Mold Growth can take place in a home or commercial establishment that has been affected by water damage.

And once molds set in there is no other recourse but to clean it up, and have professionals deal with it.

But how does a home or business owner know if molds have indeed set in on their home or structure?

Estaily.com gave a lowdown on mold infestation. Carlsbad CA Here 

Overall, water-damaged buildings create a complicated mixture of contaminants present in the air and dust, resulting in a toxic chemical stew. Additionally, mold produces toxic chemicals called mycotoxins, present on spores and fragments of mold released into the air. 1No single toxin is responsible for all mold illness; rather, it’s better to think of the cause as the water-damaged area or building itself. One recent review connected the sinuses as a common source of ongoing mold illness.”

Read the rest of the article here.

The Warning Signs

Environmental Services Group also gave warning signs of mold growth in the home.

This warning sign may not be all that obvious unless you regularly check the envelope of your home or commercial building but it can be a clear warning sign that you have mold or may have mold soon unless corrective action is taken immediately. Luckily, it’s also difficult to miss: look for exterior areas that appear wet and/or that appear wet for several days after rain or snowfall. These can signal leaky windows, a dripping pipe hidden in the walls or another source of water accumulation.”

Check out the rest of the post here.

Other Signs

Another tell-tale sign is the general health condition of the occupants of the building or the home, according to AA Action Water Proofing.

Health symptoms – Mold isn’t something we’re supposed to be breathing in, and as a result, the spores will often lead to respiratory symptoms as the spores irritate our lungs, throats, and sinuses. A cough that won’t go away, a wheeze, stuffy or runny nose, a sore throat, ear infections, and a bad taste in the mouth can all be ways your body is telling you that mold is in your home, and you may be like to write them off as a cold or by-product of allergies.”

See the post here.

Do you think there are molds in your home?


The advantages of hiring a water damage Restoration Company


The advantages of hiring a water damage Restoration Company

Why you should tap a water damage restoration service

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath - Howard Beach - 10/30/2012

Hiring a water damage restoration service is a must. (Photo Credits)

 Hiring a water damage restoration company after a water damage incident may seem like an additional expense for the family or the business, but quickly responding to it, will in fact plug in financial losses the water damage may bring about.

The website Rebel Mouse emphasized that with a quick professional response, everything that the family has worked hard for will not go down the drain. A1 water restoration Carlsbad

“It saves you the stress of having to take care of all the damage that had been caused by the water. Making use of a professional will save you the stress of going through the rigorous stress of taking care of the damage caused by water on your own.”

Read the rest of the post here.

Get professional Water Damage Help

Natural News warned about the health consequences of water damage.

“Whether the water damage was brought about by monsoon rains, inclement weather systems, faulty water pipes or fixtures, or even problems in the plumbing system, water that has been left standing for a significantly long period of time can lead to a reduction in the quality of indoor air, the aerosolization of unpleasant scent molecules, and the growth and proliferation of molds which, in turn, can lead to the airborne transmission of respiratory disease-triggering spores.”

Check out the rest of the article here.

Potential Structural Damage

Internet Billboards also warned about the structural damage that could take place if water damage restoration has not been carried out as soon as possible.

“One of the problems that water can cause to your house is structural damage. It can do this by getting absorbed into the concrete floors. This makes the floors weak and harms the foundation. Moreover, the water can seep through the walls of the basement from the yard outside. This can cause the basement walls to develop cracks that can compromise the entire structure.”

Take a look at the photos and the whole article here.

Do you have an emergency number of your neighborhood water damage restoration company?


Molds and Water Damage

The Health Consequences of Molds

Black Mold

Water Damage that has been left untreated cause mold growth which in effect can seriously affect the health. (Photo Credits)

When water damage is left on its own, molds can grow as fast as within 48 hours, causing illnesses within the occupants of a home or a building.

The Washington Times published an opinion piece on the ill effects of molds into human health.

“I should have been the poster child for health and fitness, but instead, I was plagued almost daily with debilitating migraines and chronic fatigue. Ten minutes into the exercise classes I was instructing, it felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. I couldn’t get enough air, and I was scared. I knew something was terribly wrong. Our son, Rocco, was sick with constant allergies, anemia, and severe asthma. My husband had symptoms similar to mine; headaches, fatigue and insomnia. Doctors told us we were just too busy — which was true — so we ignored the blatant message our bodies were sending and chalked it up to being overworked. Although we never saw it, toxic mold had been growing between the walls of our home. The air circulating through the house became a slow killer. A toxicologist concluded that Ted and I had four types of mold in our blood and diagnosed me with pre-emphysema. He took out his little prescription pad and wrote these words: ‘Get out of the house!’”

Read the rest of the opinion piece here.

Water Damage and Molds

Puro Clean also warned that it is not only humans who will get sick with mold-related illnesses.

“While the dangers of mold to humans are well known, not many people realize that toxic mold can also endanger the health of our pets. Although only a handful of mold species are toxic to people and pets, the most common type – toxic black mold – can bring serious illnesses and even death to people and pets. Mold spores enter pets’ bodies by inhalation in areas where mold is present. In most cases, mold develops in damp, warm and dark places, usually after a flooding occurred. It may be visible (on the exterior of walls) but it can also hide behind walls and underneath floors, where it’s difficult to detect or remove. If your home has experienced a flood, it’s best to call in a mold remediation company to inspect and eliminate any traces of mold if there are any.”

Read the rest of the post here.

Surviving Toxic Mold meantime warned about remediating mold problems without the help of professionals. Emergency Water Removal San Diego  

“OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is a federal agency that gives strong warnings against recommending the use of liquid Bleach for mold remediation or even cleaning any kind of mold/mildew and most recently, The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has since edited their “A brief guide to mold and moisture and your home” so that it now excludes their previously stated use of bleach as a remedy to kill mold.  If these ruling agencies are making strong statements and retracting from previous advice given that tells us that they have used govt money to fund some pretty extensive laboratory studies.  Let these studies be a warning to us all.  NOT to use bleach around toxic mold.”

Check out the rest of the post here.

Do you have water damage in your home that you have yet to clear out?


Detecting Water Damage

Benefits of early water damage detection

People Who Live In A House With A Water-Damaged Plaster Wall That Has a Stain Shaped Like South America With A Goblin Growing Out Of the Western Coast (Drawn On In Erasable Marker)

What water damage can do. (Photo Credits)

Water damage can be a huge expense for any household or commercial establishment.

Early detection is the key in preventing a full blown problem.

Od Busters warn, even back molds can grow as early as 48 hours of non-detection.

“If areas affected by water are not restored to their original, dry state within 24 to 48 hours, there’s a good chance black mold will develop, putting the health of all occupants at risk. What’s more, building materials will deteriorate, compromising the structural safety of your home.”

Read the rest of the article here.

Early Detection is the Key

Valley Alarm for its part encourages home and business owners to install a monitoring system that could immediately alert them should water damage occur. A1 San Diego Water Removal   

“Flooding happens. Whether through natural causes or faulty equipment, the result is often heartache and headache. Mold will start to form after 24 hours, and months of cleanup, financial burden, and negotiations with insurance companies will follow. Fortunately, Valley Alarm has implemented products to protect your facilities, and peace of mind.”

Check out the rest of the post here.

What else can be done?

One of the most prominent faucet manufacturing companies, DELTA Systems, has launched a leak detection alert monitoring that will make homeowners aware of a potential water damage problem.

“Delta Leak Detection is engineered to detect a range of water levels, from pooling water to a few drips that can cause costly damage over time. Two concentric rings of conductive metal within the unit monitor for the presence of unwanted water. Should any water flow over the top or pool underneath the device, an electrical connection between the two rings triggers an automatic alert to a connected smartphone or tablet. For further assurance, an audible alert and flashing LED light will activate to notify those in the home as soon as a leak is detected.”

Read the rest of the article here.

Have you examined your home for water damage?


DIY File Cabinet Desk

This last month I went through a huge transition…ALL of my kiddos are in school ALL day long! It’s so bittersweet. With my boys being gone I knew I needed a new craft/work space because I finally have some real craft time! I wanted it HUGE! 10 feet long huge and spanning my whole room. I did a lot of research on how to create it and decided to use file cabinets for my base.

file cabinet desk

I looked long and hard on Craigslist and our local thrift stores and came up empty for months. Dang small town living! So, I had to buck up and buy mine off Amazon. To support the desk with how deep I wanted it, I needed deep cabinets. I wanted to paint them so they looked really nice. To start painting them, first pull off the hardware.

repaint file cabinets3

You also have to pull out the drawers. If you cant figure out how to get them out, try YouTube! It helped me! I wrapped around the drawers with paper, so only the front would get painted. You can not remove the button so I just painted mine.

See full: http://overthebigmoon.com/diy-file-cabinet-desk-blendtec-giveaway/

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