The Dangers of Basement Flooding

Flooded Basement


The hassles of a flooded basement. (Photo Credits)

Basement flooding can be very perilous especially when electricity is concerned.

An NBC Washington report for instance showed that a mother and daughter have been killed due to electrocution that may have emanated from their flooded basement.

The basement of the home was saturated by water, and there was standing water in the stairwell leading to the basement, said Pete Piringer, a spokesman for Montgomery County Fire and Rescue. Police found a portable sump pump in the water near the victims, Montgomery County Police said in a statement. Police are investigating to see if the sump pump electrified the water.”

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Drainage problem meantime illustrated just how frustrating basement flooding can be as residents of a township complained of flooding in their basements and crawl spaces that can be traced to their community drainage problem. Find water removal in Carlsbad Ca   

“Wayne County tells us they are using a contractor to pump out water from several areas in the township, and will continue to do so as they work on a permanent solution. Residents say they’re worried about health issues and a bad smell in some of their homes.”

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Prevention is the key meantime gave tips on how to prevent basement flooding.

“Installing gutters can help reduce the amount of water coming into the basement. And pointing (cementing the cracks of) an old stone foundation may help to limit the water that gets in.”

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When Water Damage Causes Mold Growth

Tell-tale signs of mold infestation following water damage


Water Damage can cause mold growth. (Photo Credits)

In as little as 48 hours, Mold Growth can take place in a home or commercial establishment that has been affected by water damage.

And once molds set in there is no other recourse but to clean it up, and have professionals deal with it.

But how does a home or business owner know if molds have indeed set in on their home or structure? gave a lowdown on mold infestation. Carlsbad CA Here 

Overall, water-damaged buildings create a complicated mixture of contaminants present in the air and dust, resulting in a toxic chemical stew. Additionally, mold produces toxic chemicals called mycotoxins, present on spores and fragments of mold released into the air. 1No single toxin is responsible for all mold illness; rather, it’s better to think of the cause as the water-damaged area or building itself. One recent review connected the sinuses as a common source of ongoing mold illness.”

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The Warning Signs

Environmental Services Group also gave warning signs of mold growth in the home.

This warning sign may not be all that obvious unless you regularly check the envelope of your home or commercial building but it can be a clear warning sign that you have mold or may have mold soon unless corrective action is taken immediately. Luckily, it’s also difficult to miss: look for exterior areas that appear wet and/or that appear wet for several days after rain or snowfall. These can signal leaky windows, a dripping pipe hidden in the walls or another source of water accumulation.”

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Other Signs

Another tell-tale sign is the general health condition of the occupants of the building or the home, according to AA Action Water Proofing.

Health symptoms – Mold isn’t something we’re supposed to be breathing in, and as a result, the spores will often lead to respiratory symptoms as the spores irritate our lungs, throats, and sinuses. A cough that won’t go away, a wheeze, stuffy or runny nose, a sore throat, ear infections, and a bad taste in the mouth can all be ways your body is telling you that mold is in your home, and you may be like to write them off as a cold or by-product of allergies.”

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